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About MRM

We strive for the Application of Analytical Processes to achieve Business Operational and Productivity Improvements. Team members with broad experience in these practices work together with our clients to define strategies and unleash the benefits of Digital Transformation. We focus our work on the needs and goals of our clients, with the primary objective of becoming their natural strategic partner. Regardless of their size, we firmly believe that organizations can improve their effectiveness and productivity by incorporating data in their decision-making process.
As the preferred strategic partner of its clients, MRM will strive to maximize the value of their assets, using the information as a competitive advantage.
Working with a relentless commitment to excellence, integrity, honesty, and ethics, we offer practical solutions that achieve total client satisfaction. We treat everyone with respect and value their priorities, preferences, and opinions.


Our approach will include analyzing available data using advanced tools, establishing historical trends, and transforming them into robust information and knowledge.
We follow an analytical framework consisting of the following three (3) elements:
  1. Strategic – Define the problems and objectives and identify the data needed to address them
  2. Technical – Identify the owners of the data needed and the technology and process required to covert this data into usable information.
  3. Management – Define how to communicate the information generated, the key performance indicators, and the tools needed, to use this information in the decision-making process.


Municipalities Contracted Amount for A/E Design

Puerto Rico Government AEC Market 2018-2022

This article is intended to serve as an update to the analysis of the Puerto Rico Government Market for AEC Services performed by MRM Analytical Solutions, LLC during 2021. With this information, the AEC Contractors and the Government entities requiring future AEC Services may better define their expectations. Furthermore, contractors currently providing AEC Services to the Government will be able to compare the volume and trend of their business with the corresponding government demand, during this critical period following the impact of Hurricane Maria during September 2017. In addition, those AEC Contractors who have not been participating in the Government AEC Services Market, given the information presented below, could decide to enter this market segment in the future.

Management Opportunities in the 21st Century

The way we work is changing, and we may be looking at a long-term new normal: Work from Home. Three significant challenges facing the business organizations in Puerto Rico and the world in 2020 and 2021 have changed our lives: COVID-19 being the biggest one. We can categorize these challenges as Environmental, Social, and Economic.
To resolve the critical business challenges in the 21st century, you should analyze your organization's problems, what processes you can improve, and what resources you have. You must consider these challenges as opportunities to grow and become more competitive.
To transform an organization in the 21st century, you must align its realities with the fierce competition and the rapid change of technology.
MRM Analytical is prepared to support you in developing your strategic objectives to become a stronger competitor in your market. We strive for the Application of Analytical Processes to achieve Business Operational and Productivity Improvements.


At MRM Analytical Solutions, our leadership works shoulder to shoulder with our clients. We know that the best ideas come when we all put our heads together—welcoming different perspectives.

Hector Monroy

Applied Technology Partner

Hector brings the technology perspective to MRM Analytical Solutions, LLC. He is a business optimization expert dedicated to applying cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, the internet of things, analytics, and big data, to help organizations provide superior services to their clients.

He has experience as a CIO, CKO, and project manager. He is a civil engineer with an MS in Systems Engineering and Computing and an MS in Structural Engineering. Hector is also an MIT Sloan School of Management alumni.


Jaime Ramirez

Managing Partner

Jaime brings the Business – Operational Excellence perspective to MRM Analytical Solutions, LLC. As a Senior Executive and Organizational Consultant, he has dedicated his life to successfully implementing competitive business projects in the manufacturing, service, education, and government sectors.

He is an expert in achieving objectives in challenging environments dealing with Strategic Planning, Personal Coaching, Operations-Quality Excellence, Teamwork Productivity, Organizational Development, and Business Startups. He holds a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico.


Braulio Mejia

Senior Partner

Braulio brings to MRM Analytical Solutions, LLC a comprehensive business perspective, managing diverse, complex organizations with Profit and Loss responsibility. He understands the importance of data-based decision-making and has vast experience in General Management, Project Delivery, Risk Management, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Mr. Mejía holds a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering and an MS Degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez Campus. He also has an MBA Degree in Industrial Management from the Interamerican University in San Juan, P.R.

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Our headquarters are in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with offices also in Florida, USA. We are ready to serve all organizations within the USA and the Caribbean. All our work is done presential, remotely, or online depending on the Customer's needs to maintain timely service, flexibility, and quality of work.