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Management Opportunities in the 21st Century

By Jaime J. Ramirez
Managing Partner

Three significant challenges facing the business organizations in Puerto Rico and the world in 2020 and 2021 have changed our lives, COVID-19 being the biggest one. We can categorize these challenges in three key areas: Environmental (Climate Change and Natural Disasters), Social (People Migration and Post-Pandemic Society), and Economic (Industry 4.0 and Puerto Rico's Reconstruction).
Figure 1
Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Business Organizations in Puerto Rico

The environment (climate change and natural disasters) has heavily impacted our infrastructure and social life with two hurricanes and a sequence of earthquakes during 2020.
In terms of the economy, more than 493 million full-time equivalent jobs, most belonging to women and youth, were lost in 2020. The G20 established a THINK20 Taskforce on Trade and Investment to deliver policy recommendations for Digital Technologies, Services, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Leadership today involves a combination of traditional expectations and new competencies. The way we work is changing, and we may be looking at a long-term new-normal: Work from Home. However, a growing remote workforce has posed additional challenges to the security of confidential information.
Regarding technology and science, every transformation effort has been more accelerated than the previous one. Staying current has become an essential issue, as the pace of change increases every day more and more. The challenge is to learn from each other, share best practices, cooperate, and focus on solutions that offer true scalability and flexibility.
In an environment with a robust analytics culture, employees are expected to contribute to the data & analytics vision and strategy to propose new data-driven projects and initiatives. To create business value, you need data and the right technology, talent, and culture. Is your business prepared to make decisions that can be supported with verifiable data?
To resolve the critical business challenges in the 21st century, you should analyze your organization's problems, what processes you can improve, and what resources you have. You must consider these challenges as opportunities to grow and become more competitive.
MRM Analytical is prepared to support you in developing your strategic objectives to become a stronger competitor in the market. If you ask; "How to optimize business processes?", "How to automate workflow?", "How to boost sales during and after the pandemic?" MRM is ready to help you.
We strive for the Application of Analytical Processes to achieve Business Operational and Productivity Improvements. Team members with broad experience in these practices work together with you to define strategies and unleash the benefits of Digital Transformation. We focus our work on your needs and goals, with the primary objective of becoming your natural strategic partner.
We are ready to face together with you the challenges of the 21st century. Are you?

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